Attractions Around Monastery Market

Majnu Ka Tilla Gurudwara Delhi:

Located on the Yamuna River bank, famous Gurudwara of Delhi named Majnu Ka Tilla is one of the key attractions in the city. In fact it is major one out of the many Places to see around Monastery Market. Its most notable feature is that as a sacred location of the Sikh community this place welcomes huge congregation of followers throughout the year arriving as pilgrims. Uniqueness is best observed if visited during the Baisakhi festival. This Gurudwara has been named after a devote Muslim hermit who constantly meditated at this location.

Roshanara Bagh Garden Delhi:

Considered an awesome Mughal garden Roshanara Bagh remains one of the important  Places to see around Monastery Market. It has been best preserved in the process of beautifying Delhi city. Those love nature the most shouldn’t ignore visiting this excellent place. The garden houses several charismatic flowers out of which good number of them have been brought from abroad. Many trees and most notably lush green garden turn this place appealing. Enjoy a beautiful evening with your family by spending quality time inside this garden.